Frequently Asked Questions

What is iWantFreeBitCoin?

iWantFreeBitCoin is a way to get started with BitCoins without buying your own BitCoins. Through iWantFreeBitCoin you can complete offers and tasks in order to earn your own free BitCoins.

What are BitCoins?

Nothing explains it like this video thanks to

What are BitPoints?

When you complete an offer you will be given BitPoints. Once you've earned at least 0.1 BTC worth of BitPoints you can cash them out into BitCoins. The value of BitCoins constantly fluctuates and this is why we award you BitPoints until you're ready to cash them out.

What are the available offers?

We have the biggest range of offers available, period. Some offers are your boring old standard survey, but we also have some fun offers. You can earn BitPoints by installing and playing facebook, iphone, android games. We also have a range of videos you can watch to earn points. We're constantly adding new methods so check back regularly.

How much are my BitPoints worth?

You can see our BitPoints exchange rate on the cashout page and in the sidebar. The exchange rate fluctuates as the price of BitCoins changes. You decide when to cash out, so we advise you pick a time when the exchange rate is low (you'll get more BitCoins).